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As our valiant soldiers risk their lives every day braving the odds for the nation, Youth Akali Dal has organized a #BulandTirangaMarch<\/a> to honour our National Heroes. A humble attempt of Punjabis to show solidarity with the Indian Armed Forces. The brave men and women who guard our borders deserve our unconditional love and faith and not the doubts. The youth of Punjab has underlined their love for the motherland and for its saviours. Spirit of bravery and patriotism runs in the blood of Punjabis and those who are not on the front, are firmly standing by the soldiers guarding the Nation<\/p>\r\n","p_title":"","p_body":"","file":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/embed\/gdm7ji7DBhM","date":"2016-10-07 11:41:22","active":true,"created":"2016-10-18 01:14:01","modified":"2016-11-08 01:23:05"},"Category":{"id":"4","name":"Interviews","p_name":"\u0a07\u0a70\u0a1f\u0a30\u0a35\u0a3f\u0a0a\u0a1c\u0a3c","created":"2015-09-15 13:37:24","modified":"2015-12-27 05:13:55"}}