{"Interview":{"id":"4","category_id":"4","title":"We Have Made Huge Investments in Improving Connectivity","body":"

Roads are the lifeline of a country and a pre-requisite for economic, industrial, and social development of a State. In a bid to ensure holistic growth and development, the Punjab Government has taken major initiatives to improve road infrastructure in the state. Huge investments have been made in improving connectivity. It is a matter of great pride that Punjab is the only state where every village, town and city is connected through road networks and the state has the maximum density of roads in the country.<\/p>\r\n","p_title":"","p_body":"","file":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/embed\/b4mhjpPV9aA","date":"2016-10-08 11:19:39","active":true,"created":"2016-10-18 01:10:47","modified":"2016-11-08 01:23:40"},"Category":{"id":"4","name":"Interviews","p_name":"\u0a07\u0a70\u0a1f\u0a30\u0a35\u0a3f\u0a0a\u0a1c\u0a3c","created":"2015-09-15 13:37:24","modified":"2015-12-27 05:13:55"}}