{"Interview":{"id":"3","category_id":"4","title":"Punjab Government is Firmly Committed for Developing World-Class Sports Infrastructure from the Grass Up","body":"

Punjab government is firmly committed for developing world-class sports infrastructure and nurturing talent from the grass up. Carrying forward the mission to promote every sport in the state, huge investments have been made towards building world-class infrastructure and facilities. Many international standard facilities like multi-sport stadiums, astroturfs and training centres have taken sports to new heights in the state. Apart from creating robust sports infrastructure, we have built gyms in every village and also provide sports kits to the youth of Punjab.<\/p>\r\n","p_title":"","p_body":"","file":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/embed\/Tn36-VDQr9Q","date":"2016-10-09 11:18:34","active":true,"created":"2016-10-18 00:49:35","modified":"2016-11-08 01:24:25"},"Category":{"id":"4","name":"Interviews","p_name":"\u0a07\u0a70\u0a1f\u0a30\u0a35\u0a3f\u0a0a\u0a1c\u0a3c","created":"2015-09-15 13:37:24","modified":"2015-12-27 05:13:55"}}