{"Interview":{"id":"2","category_id":"4","title":"Punjab Represents a Rich Cultural Heritage and Glorious History","body":"

Punjab represents a rich cultural heritage and glorious history. It is unfortunate that some political parties are trying to defame the state of Punjab for electoral gains. Apart for that, some of them are dividing people on the communal lines. Traditionally deep-rooted, Shiromani Akali Dal represents “Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyat” in its’ true sense. Professing a secular and democratic outlook, it has been consistently working towards the welfare of the people. Not a discrete voice, it is a collective vision of Punjabis working for Punjabis.<\/p>\r\n","p_title":"","p_body":"","file":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/embed\/BM88tt3d4ko","date":"2016-10-10 11:17:19","active":true,"created":"2016-10-18 00:48:11","modified":"2016-11-08 01:24:49"},"Category":{"id":"4","name":"Interviews","p_name":"\u0a07\u0a70\u0a1f\u0a30\u0a35\u0a3f\u0a0a\u0a1c\u0a3c","created":"2015-09-15 13:37:24","modified":"2015-12-27 05:13:55"}}