Sukhbir Singh Badal is passionate about travelling. He believes that travelling to different places and interacting with people from different cultures has expanded his horizons and has opened his mind to newer possibilities. He has travelled across the globe and knows a great deal about the native culture and food of each place he has visited. He believes that the real experience lies in the great outdoors in close proximity to nature and not cooped up inside a hotel. He also has a keen interest in exploring the architecture, history and governance formats of different countries.

Sukhbir Singh Badal also loves skeet and trap shooting. Trap shooting requires the shooter to shoot a moving target with hundreds of pellets at a time, giving the shooter very little time to move the gun and fire. He believes that his hobby has helped inculcate the ability in him to think on his feet on various issues with a deep focus.

No one would have believed that in a seasoned politician, a businessman and an agriculturist also personifies a sensitive artist. He is endowed with the art of sculpting. He feels that art is fluid, while it is an expression of imagination; it also helps understand the reality better. He believes that when you bring to life your imagination through an art form, you become clearer in every perspective. His sculptures reflect the sensitive side of a strong persona.